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Cartello n. 4 Tiglio ENGLISH

Cartello n. 4 Tiglio ENGLISH

Hello! Do you know who I am? I am the Tilia vulgaris, but if it seems too difficult to remember, just call me Linden. Do you want to listen to me? I would like to tell you a little about myself. I come from different parts of the world: Europe, America, Asia. I consider myself a very beautiful, majestic and long-lived tree: think, I can live up to 250 years or more, reaching up to 35 m in height! A truly remarkable dimension. My little flowers are clustered together, of a yellowish color, and if you approach them a little you will be able to smell them. They also possess extraordinary relaxing properties, especially suitable for those suffering from insomnia and for those who are subject to states of anxiety or nervousness. Both cough and phlegm syrups can be produced, as well as compresses to be applied to the eyes to relieve fatigue and redness.


Did you know that … you can eat my leaves? The best ones are the young, tender and delicate ones; produced at the dawn of spring. They are usually eaten raw in salads.


He is one of my dearest friends, called Orbettino (“Anguis fragilis”) and can reach 50 cm in length. It is a true hide-and-seek champion: it not only camouflages among the autumn leaves, but also spends the entire winter period in underground environments until the arrival of the long-awaited spring, when the first rays of sun begin to heat up. It is confused by many with another animal, the snake: in reality it is a lizard that has lost its legs during its evolution. His eyelids close and like lizards he can break his tail to distract the predator and escape.


Here is the Collar Snake (“Natrix natrix”), so called because of the evident yellow and black design on its neck. Don’t be afraid: even if it belongs to the family of snakes, it has no poison and rarely bites: at most it emits a strange hiss or pretends to be dead, motionless on its back, with its mouth open and its tongue hanging; this just to avoid being caught. It is a great swimmer, loves wetlands and spends most of its life near rivers, ponds and marshes; where it mainly hunts frogs. The female is almost double the male, can reach 2 m in length and live up to 25 years.


This is the Sole Persico (“Lepomis Gibbosus”), also called Pesce Sole or Gobbetto, about 20 cm long. Think that it had to leave from North America to come and live also in our beloved INPS Park, facing a long journey! He prefers slow, gentle waterways, loves mud and sand. Its body is almost round, and unlike other freshwater fish (almost all gray) it has enviable colors, with strong golden reflections, like sun rays. It is a voracious predator, so because of its gluttony it easily takes the bait.


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