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Cartello n. 5 Platano ENGLISH

Cartello n. 5 Platano ENGLISH

Nice to meet you, I’m the Platano, a majestic tree. My name comes from the Greek “platys”, which means wide, wide and flat; like my leaves, which are very wide and palmed. You will often find me along the roads because I resist smog very well, I grow up quickly and I am perfect as a shade plant. I am a centuries-old tree: I could reach even 2,000 years with a trunk that can reach up to 8 m in diameter. My fruits are brown balls that contain a lot of seeds. My bark, on the other hand, is unmistakable, for the green and gray spots that make me look like a military man. My wood is easily processed to make carved furniture and is also used as firewood for its calorific power and to produce coal.

Dear friends, if you look around you will understand what I’m going to tell you… Do you see on the right of the steam rising from a round tub? Do you see behind you a large spa that has been closed for many years? All this tells us about the past and the origin of this Park: the thermal water of the Euganei Hills! It is a special water because it can cure many diseases, and these fantastic properties were already known since the times of the Paleovenetes (the ancient Venetians) and the ancient Romans. The municipalities that are part of the Euganee Baths are: Abano Terme, Battaglia Terme, Galzignano Terme and Montegrotto Terme.
The water that flows in these countries, belongs to the category of deep groundwater. It has to make a long journey to get here: it penetrates underground in the area of the Lessini Mountains, in the Prealps Venete Vicentine and Veronesi; crosses the limestone rock (permeable), reaches a depth of about 3000 m buying 3 degrees per 100 m thanks to the heat of the earth (geothermal), reaching a temperature of 86 degrees. The route it must take is about 80 kilometers long and can last many years (new theories say more than 60). Along the way the water is enriched with mineral salts and becomes SALSOBROMOIODICA, because it contains mainly sodium chloride, iodine and bromine: the richness of the dissolved substances makes the European thermal water unique in the world! The thermal structures take water from 250 wells that are drilled inside the rock normally up to 400-500 meters deep.

The therapies offered are:

balneotherapy: the patient dives into an individual tank containing salsobromoiodic thermal water at 36-38 degrees C enriched with ozone (a very useful gas to increase the properties of water): it is used to dissolve joints, movements; relax muscles and decrease pain, stimulate blood circulation;

Inhalhalatory therapy: thermal water is sprayed to treat and prevent diseases of the nose, ears and throat, for colds, bronchitis, otitis and sinusitis;

Hydrokinesis therapy: it consists of immersing the patient’s body in a spa pool. Inside the water it is easier to carry out rehabilitation exercises because the effort is less perceived and the high temperature has relaxing and pain-relieving effects for the muscles.

What a luck to have this natural resource, very useful for everyone’s health!

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