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Cartello n. 1 Introduzione ENGLISH

Cartello n. 1 Introduzione ENGLISH

Discover and love: two verbs that are very dear to us.
To discover means to become aware, to be curious, to seek, to know, to venture into something beautiful …
To love means to desire, to respect, to take care, to protect, to value.
We are fifth grade students of the Primary School “G. Marconi ”by Battaglia Terme
(a.s. 2019-2020) we are proud and happy to present the Project P.O.N. we have
created for our precious Park ex INPS, entitled precisely to “Pietro d’Abano”,
a person who by his example has been able to transmit the love for culture and for the  knowledge. Pietro d’Abano lived in the Middle Ages between 1250 and 1316, he was a philosopher,
doctor, astrologer and lecturer at the University of Paris and Padua, connoisseur and writer
of Greek, Arabic, Latin … And guess what? Even Marco Polo’s friend!

We built an educational path divided into 7 stages.
You can do it together with us, discovering the Park and the history of nature and thermalism linked to our territory. Each stop is
positioned near seven trees placed along the rectangular path
which you see here : it will lead you to the Ex INPS building.
If you pay attention, you will be able to solve a
mystery and to discover something very important, without
which today this place would probably not exist. But it will be necessary to solve the
riddles of CIANO, the mascot of our Project.

Thanks to the European funds of this project,
we could buy an important tree,
that this Park lacked: THE OAK !!
It is a 5-year-old Farnia that starts its new life here, along with ten CARPINI e
ten CAMPESTRI BALLETS younger than 3 years old.
We hope this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to have more
knowledge and fun in the midst of nature!

“Among the branches of the big trees I climbed to look at the
heaven … with their fruit, I fed myself with their wood
I warmed up: I owe my life to them …” (Mario Rigoni Stern)

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